11/27/2020 Friday

CCG Organizes Three-level Commanding Officers’ Training

2021-04-10 09:43:00


To deepen the study and education of the CPC history, further improve the grassroots organization construction capabilities of the responsible officers at all the levels and promote the high-quality development of the coast guard, China Coast Guard (CCG) has recently held intensive training for the three-level commanding officers of the grassroots units in Guangdong Province. The three-level commanding officers from the directly subordinating bureaus, provincial bureaus, municipal bureaus and coast guard workstations (vessels), and the two-level commanding officers (directors and section chiefs) from the relevant units were grouped into three batches to participate in the 15-day intensive training. This training has been the largest-scale intensive training for commanding officers of the most extensive grassroots units with the most participants since the establishment of the CCG.

Aiming to adapt to the current maritime rights protection and law enforcement situation and the actual development of the coast guard teams, this training has taken the study and education of the CPC history as important content, carried out the study and education throughout the training, highlighted the theme “Solve Actual Grassroots Problems and Improve the Construction Capabilities According to the Outline”, regarded “Learn the Basic Law well and Get Fully Prepared for Future Work” as the thread of the training, carefully arranged the courses, scientifically organized the contents, encouraged trainees to play leading roles in the training and adopted multiple teaching modes such as auxiliary teaching, demonstration, group discussion on solving difficult problems, video teaching and educational field trips. The training has been divided into six topics and they have been carried out in different forms such as hands-on training, case study and situational teaching to turn the trainees into knowledgeable and pragmatic workers for the grassroots organization construction according to the outline, which laid a solid foundation for building strong grassroots units and promoting high-quality development of the organizational construction of CCG.

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