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CCG Unveils List of Winners for the Title “Sea Guards”

2021-01-05 09:19:00


China Coast Guard (CCG) recently unveiled the list of 10 winners for the title Sea Guards.

Among the winners are high-caliber office staffers good at planning, commanders who have broad visions and have made remarkable merits in safeguard Chinas territorial waters, frogmen who are brave and tenacious in battles, law enforcement officers who work in the frontline impartially, technical experts who are known for their superb skills, and model ship captains who are always ready to fight on the battlefields. 

Fang Qi, Assistant Engineer from Law Enforcement Department of Donghai Branch, CCG 

No matter how long a journey is, one will reach the end as long as he keeps walking; No matter how hard a task is, one will accomplish it as long as he keeps making efforts. Fang has made remarkable achievements in his seemingly ordinary position. He takes on heavy responsibilities and takes the lead in frontline maritime work. He works hard to sharpen the edge of his skills to better complete his tasks. His selfless pursuit demonstrates the loyalty of coast guard staff of the new era. 


Li Chenghao, Executive Officer of Vessel Taizhou of No.2 Directly Subordinating Bureau, CCG

Li is committed to studying knowledge and applying it in practice. He insists that continuous study and training is the only way to enhance the combat capacity of CCG vessels and their crews. Heroes are always ready to sail to the sea to protect the countrys territorial waters. 


Huang Huoming, Model Radar Operator on Vessel Zhongsha of No.3 Directly Subordinating Bureau of CCG

From Liaoning aircraft carrier to Vessel Zhongsha, Huang shows great loyalty and dedication to the coast guard cause. From a high school student to a radar expert, he achieved an impressive transformation through tireless efforts and innovation. Huang is also committed to teaching new radar operators, helping forge a pioneering team of maritime law enforcement officers. He has created a legend on the vast sea with his remarkable achievements. 


Chen Zhangyuan, Executive Officer of Vessel Anda of the No.5 Directly Subordinating Bureau, CCG 

Chen has etched his loyalty to the motherland on the blue ocean, and dedicated himself to glorious missions to safeguard the countrys territorial waters. He leads his crew to create numerous merits on the vast South China Sea by cracking down on drug crimes and safeguarding Chinas maritime interests. He is ready for battle anytime. He sharpens the edge of the CCG vessel under his command, greatly enhancing the countrys capacity of law enforcement.


Zhao Junfeng from No.6 Directly Subordinating Bureau, CCG

Stone is made into jade through repeated polishing, and iron is made into steel through repeated tempering. Hidden in Zhaos body is unparalleled bravery and morale. Behind every victory is his sweat shed in arduous trainings and his rational thinking. Through every battle the edge of his combat capacity is further sharpened. Every expedition leads to triumphal return of warriors.


Ma Yonghan, Vessel Repairman of Dalian Municipal Bureau, CCG

Ma shows great loyalty to the motherland, a great sense of responsibility and a great spirit of dedication. He said that he chose to confront difficulties and challenges since the day he joined CCG. He spots and repairs malfunctions through careful examination. He devotes full strength to every days work, just as he had pledged.


Dong Shunfa, Model Radar Operator on Vessel Beilun of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau, CCG

Riding the tides and waves, the model radar operator has an unbroken appointment with the sea, with his life bonded with the sea A heroic man aims far, instead of being confined to home. One can make remarkable achievements as long as he has the courage to sacrifice.


He Jianbin, Vice Director of the Guangxi Beihai Municipal Bureau, CCG

He is committed to hunting the criminals and punishing the evils to the end of the world, no matter how risky it may be. With unparalleled courage, he has secured victories in many operations. As a firm warrior, he cracks down on smuggling and stowaways; As a brave pioneer, he investigates key cases and makes great merits; As a protector for the people, he helps settle disputes and conflicts. Despite difficulties and hardships ahead, he marches forward along a road that no one had walked before, just for tranquility and justice on the sea.


Luo Bin, Director of Law Enforcement Department of Sanya Municipal Bureau, CCG

With a sharp sight, Luo works day and night on the frontline of fighting smuggling. He often travels thousands of miles like migratory birds to hunt criminals, making them trembling with fear. Through dedicating himself to marine security, and silently safeguards the peace and tranquility of the city.


Song Ligeng, Staff Officer of CCG

He fights with both his pen and gun. With an eye on the development of the times, he kindles the flame of faith in his heart. He is a benchmark and model, representing the good image of CCG staff officers of the new era who dare to take on great responsibilities and are active in work.


Let us understand, get close and learn from the models, so as to together write a glorious chapter of Chinese Coast Guard in this new era. 

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