11/27/2020 Friday

China Coast Guard and Korean Coast Guard Conduct the 1st Joint Patrol in Tentati

2021-11-15 16:24:27


In accordance with the consensus reached at the 2020 China-Korea Fisheries Enforcement Meeting, China Coast Guard Vessel 6501 and Korea Coast Guard Vessel 3009 joined hands to conduct the 1st joint patrol in waters tentatively designated by the China-ROK Fisheries Agreement. The coast guard vessel formation patrolled a distance of 505.7 nautical miles over a period of 102.5 hours, during which they observed and recorded 219 working fishing boats, issued 16 remindings and dealt with 2 ships violating relevant regulations. Maritime activities were generally kept in order. During the joint patrol, the two sides shared working information via radio communication, summed up the patrol, and exchanged opinions on deepening cooperation.

The joint patrol was of great importance for deepening the mutual understanding and cooperation between the CCG and the KCG. Next, the two agencies will step up maritime law enforcement cooperation to jointly safeguard the fishing production order in the tentatively designated water areas.

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