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Express news: China Coast Guard in Action

2021-11-18 17:08:26


Liaoning Coast Guard Saves an Ill Fisherman

At about 23:00 on September 4, the Liaoning Dalian Municipal Bureau of China Coast Guard received a call on the 95110 calling service platform saying that a fisherman suddenly fell ill while at work and was suffering from convulsion and difficult breathing, but mobile communication was of bad quality because of the unstable signal at sea.

The Bureau immediately assigned the Ganjingzi Workstation to search for the target while using technical means to locate the fishing ship. At 0:15 a.m. on September 5, the ship was located; at 0:30, Coast Guard officers boarded the ship and notified the local hospital to get ready; at 01:20, an ambulance was taking the fisherman to the hospital.

It is learned that the fisherman is now out of danger thanks to timely treatment, but has to stay in hospital for further observation.

Shanghai Coast Guard Saves Burning Truck on a Highway

At about 9:00 am on September 3, officers of the Shanghai Pudong District Bureau saw a burning truck at the ramp of Zhouhai Road when passing the Gaodong toll station. They got off the car and rushed to help the truck immediately and successfully put out the fire.

The burning truck was at the exit of the highway and had already caused congestion due to the heavy traffic, and the fire was about to reach the oil tank. Seeing the critical situation, officers of the Pudong District Bureau split up into 4 groups, each responsible for directing traffic, keeping vigilance by the road and putting out the fire. The 13 officers worked with calm and order and put out the fire in 10 minutes, with no casualties.

According to one of the officers, “I didn’t think about danger when I grabbed the extinguisher and rushed to the front. Today I’m retiring from the Coast Guard, but I will always remember that I was once a Coast Guard officer, and I will always step up when the country and the people need me!”

Guangxi Coast Guard Saves 3 Trapped Fishing Fans

On September 1, the Fangcheng Workstation of the Guangxi Fangchenggang Municipal Bureau of China Coast Guard saved 3 trapped fishing fans.

At about 20:00 that night, the Bureau received a call on the 95110 calling service platform asking for help as a motorboat had lost power due to an engine leak in waters near Baisuyan of Fangchenggang. The trapped civilians were about 8 nautical miles off the coast and close to the maritime boundary between China and Vietnam. If not saved quickly, they might float to the Vietnamese side in addition to the danger of sinking. The Fangcheng Workstation immediately contacted the caller, calmed him down and asked for the specific location of the trapped boat. At 21:10, the Coast Guard officers finally found the broken-down motorboat, but the rescue effort was no small challenge because of serious surges on the sea and low visibility at night. After several attempts, the Coast Guard vessel finally approached the motorboat, towed it to the Bailong wharf and sent the 3 civilians home.

The saved civilians held the Coast Guard officers’ hands in excitement and said, “we were only out of danger thanks to your timely arrival. Thank you so much. We wouldn’t have known what to do on the sea but for you.”

It is learned that the motorboat owner Chen and his 2 friends went fishing in the morning in sea areas near Baisuyan of Fangchenggang, but the boat leaked oil and lost power on their way home in the afternoon. They called their friends but nobody was willing to go and help them, so they dialed 95110, a number they often saw on news as the hotline in case of danger on the sea, and called the Coast Guard for help.

Hainan Coast Guard Destroys Illegal Fishing Tools

To consolidate the results of fighting illegal fishing in sea areas under its jurisdiction, the Hainan Haikou Municipal Bureau of China Coast Guard and the local government jointly destroyed a batch of electric guns, electric wires, poison bait, explosives and other illegal fishing tools at the wharf of Puqian Town, Wenchang City on September 1. The tools included 11 electric guns, 10 submersible glare flashlights, 8 sets of diving gears, 7 electric wires, 5 electric generators, 5 illegal netting devices, and 2 transformers.

The use of electrification, poison bait, explosives and “extinction net” for fishing is expressly prohibited in China due to their immense damage to marine resources and disastrous destruction of the whole ecological chain that is hard to recover in the short term. The Hainan Haikou Municipal Bureau has maintained regular coordination and cooperation with other maritime departments of various levels, conducted grid patrol 7×24, and implemented stringent regulation, rectification and education to keep high pressure on illegal fishing and other maritime violations and crimes.

The collective destruction of relevant tools demonstrated the Coast Guard authorities’ resolve to fight illegal fishing activities and would help maintain order in marine fisheries production.

No.4 Directly Subordinating Bureau of China Coast Guard saves a drowning man

In the afternoon of September 6, Ding Lecheng, an officer of the No.4 Directly Subordinating Bureau of China Coast Guard who was on leave, and was taking a walk with his wife in Wuyuanhe Wetland Park in Haikou, Hainan Province. At about 15:11, Ding saw a man struggling in the sea and another man was swimming quickly toward him. Being about 100m from the coast, Ding didn’t hear any cry for help, but he reckoned that someone was drowning, so he gave his cellphone and car key to his wife and rushed to help.

He was taking off his clothes while running and quickly swam toward the drowning man. When Ding approached the victim, he found the previous man trying to save him was also exhausted and calling for help. Ding swam to the left side of the victim, held up his left arm, and told the other saver to drag him toward the shore together, but that was very difficult because the ebb increased the resistance. They tried hard to keep the victim’s face above water, and comforted him that they would arrive ashore soon. Finally, Ding and the other rescuer successfully helped the drowning man to the coast. 

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