11/27/2020 Friday

China Coast Guard and Vietnam Coast Guard Conduct Joint Patrol in Beibu Gulf

2020-12-24 16:21:00


China Coast Guard (CCG) Vessel 4303 and 22603 and Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) Vessel 8003 and 8004 conducted a joint patrol in the waters of the Beibu Gulf from 21 to 23 December in 2020 to deepen the friendly relations between the two sides and promote pragmatic bilateral cooperation on maritime law enforcement. The joint coast guard vessel formation sailed a cumulative distance of 788 nautical miles over a period of 60 hours, during which they observed and recorded 22 Chinese fishing boats and 24 Vietnamese ones, and issued 7 remindings to working fishing boats. The fishing production order was good in general.

During the joint patrol, the the two sides followed the pre-made plan and pre-set route, kept each other informed in a timely manner, observed and recorded fishing boats of both countries, and conducted education among the fishermen. They jointly maintained the order of maritime production and further strengthened law enforcement coordination.

This is the 20th joint patrol operation conducted by Chinese and Vietnamese maritime law enforcement agencies in waters of the Beibu Gulf since 2006, which is of great importance for continuing the sound cooperation momentum of the two agencies and jointly safeguarding production safety and order at Beibu Gulf. Next, the CCG and the VCG, under the Memorandum on the Cooperation Between China Coast Guard and Vietnam Coast Guard, will continue to strengthen maritime law enforcement communication and cooperation and keep the Beibu Gulf waters safe and stable. 

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