11/27/2020 Friday

China Coast Guard and Vietnam Coast Guard Hold the 4th High Level Meeting

2020-12-08 16:25:00


China Coast Guard (CCG) and Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) held their 4th High Level Meeting via video link on December 8, 2020. Both sides commented positively on their work results in recent years, decided areas of future cooperation through friendly discussions, and reached broad consensus.

Both sides agreed that through intensified pragmatic maritime cooperation over recent years, the CCG and the VCG have continuously deepened their friendship and mutual trust, properly managed differences, and jointly maintained maritime security and stability, building the CCG-VCG cooperation into a model for regional maritime law enforcement cooperation.

Both sides also exchanged views on issues of common concern, including fisheries and the current South China Sea situation. They expressed their willingness to continue to advance CCG-VCG cooperation and properly deal with maritime emergencies together so as to maintain maritime security and order in the region and jointly build a maritime community with a shared future.

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